Living on your own can enrich your student life, but finding suitable accommodation can be difficult. To help you with this search, we have some tips.

Looking for a room?
The most effective way to find a room is via-via. By joining a study or student association, you will get to know many people who can help you find a place to live. Here you will find an overview of all associations. Other tips are:

Are you an international student?
All of the above information can also help you find a place to live. We also have additional tips: 

  • Starting your search can be very overwhelming, especially if you don't know Tilburg very well yet. Therefore, we have made a step-by-step plan that can help you refine your search.
  • Tilburg University offers a reserved number of rooms for first-year international students.
  • Student complex Talentsquare offers rooms and studios to international students. For example, they offer 250 Short Stay-kamers. These are furnished rooms specially reserved for international students from Tilburg University.
  • WonenBreburg, in cooperation with the educational institutions, also focuses on housing for international students in Tilburg.
  • The group Find a room / roommate in Tilburg on Facebook focuses mainly on international students.
  • Do you still have questions about accommodation? Check here whether your question has already been answered. Were you unable to find the answer? Then contact Housing Office by sending an e-mail or calling 0031 (0) 13-466 3744 (available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm).

Are you (almost) finished studying and looking for a starter home?
Some of the information under 'looking for a room' also applies to the search for living space for starters. In addition, these tips can also help you:

  • It is important that you register on Woning in Zicht as early as possible; you can do this if you are 18 years old. Woning in Zicht offers an overview of (social) rental properties from all the housing corporations in Central Brabant. Your income and registration period, among other things, determines whether you are eligible for social housing. Registration is not necessary for a rental property in the free sector.
  • Also on Funda, Pararius en Huurwoningen Tilburg are homes for rent in the free sector.
  • Do you want to buy a house? Then you can also go to Funda or to estate agents in Tilburg. You might consider using a purchase broker in te schakelen. A mortgage consultant can advise you and help you find the most suitable mortgage. Keep in mind that your student debt affects the amount of the mortgage. Are you having trouble getting the financing together? The Starters Loan may be able to help.

Found a place to live?
Congratulations! There is a lot to do! Check out the Q&A for information and tips on costs, taking out utilities, insurance for housing, applying for rent benefit, furnishing your living space and preventing break-ins.