Want to buy a bike?
There are several possibilities to buy a bicycle in Tilburg. With Swapfiets you are assured of service and a working bicycle. For students this costs €14,50 per month. If you prefer a second-hand bicycle, you can go to one of the cycle shops in Tilburg.

Parking your bike?
You can park your bike for free at several places in the city. You will find an overview of the bicycle parking places here. Make sure you park your bike in the designated areas. Especially at the station, there are many checks on this. You can also use the blue parking spaces in the city centre (max. 1 hour). If you have not parked your bike properly and cannot find it again, it is probably at the bike depot. All confiscated bikes can be found on this site. If your bicycle is there, you can pick it up from the bicycle depot at Bredaseweg 193. You can only get your bicycle with your bicycle key, your identity card and by paying €15 (only pin).

Public transport

With your student travel product, you travel on public transport for free or with a discount throughout the Netherlands. Read more about applying for and using a student travel product here.

Tilburg has 3 train stations: Tilburg, Tilburg University and Tilburg Reeshof. For information about the timetable check the website or app of the NS or 9292. In the night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday, there are night trains until 02:00 hours. They stop at Tilburg station.

The bus routes and timetables in Tilburg can be found on the website or app of Arriva or 9292. In the night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday night trains run until 02:00. After that Arriva operates night buses until 04:00 at night.

Travelling across borders?
For information on connections to Belgium, click here.


Do you have a car or are you expecting visitors? Here is a list of parking garages and parking spaces in Tilburg.

Driving lessons in Tilburg
Do you want to take driving lessons in Tilburg? You can find and compare all driving schools in Tilburg here.