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I have found accommodation. What do I need to arrange?

Registration municipality
Read here how to register with the municipality of Tilburg.

Report change of address
When you move, it is important to pass on your change of address. After registering with the municipality of Tilburg, the municipality will pass on the change of address to your health insurer, the tax authorities and DUO. This means that you do not need to notify them of your change of address. You will still need to do that with your GP, bank, educational institution and sports club, for example.

Insurance for housing
Once you have found accommodation, it is important that you take out insurance for housing, such as contents insurance and home insurance. Everything that you can pick up and take with you is covered by contents insurance. Everything that is fixed to the house and that you cannot remove without damaging it is covered by home insurance. In the case of a room, the landlord has probably already taken out home insurance, but ask to be sure. Do you become the owner? Then you should always take out home insurance. You can compare insurances here and take out your insurance on the website of your desired insurance company.

Do you have contents insurance for students and do you live in a student house? In that case, contents insurers often make a reservation in the form of the so-called burglary clause. Theft is then only covered if there are traces of forced entry to the room. Have you not locked the door of your room and is something stolen? Then this is not insured. More tips to prevent burglaries can be found in this Q&A at the question "I have accommodation. How do I prevent break-ins" and on the police website.

Liability insurance and legal expenses insurance
Liability insurance is taken out so that any damage you cause to other people's property is covered. A legal expenses insurance allows you to make a claim when a conflict arises and legal costs are incurred.

Registration GP and dentist
Do not forget to register with a GP and dentist in Tilburg. Here you can read more about registering with health care providers. It is compulsory for everyone to take out health insurance.

I have found accommodation. What costs should I expect in addition to rent?

Service costs
If you are going to rent an accommodation, then it is important that you check what the rent consists of. A distinction is made between the basic rent and additional service costs. Service costs can include:
- Cleaning of communal areas
- Gas, water and electricity
- Heating, if this has not been arranged per accommodation
- Small maintenance
- Glass insurance
- Costs for caretaker
- Administration costs

Gas, water and electricity
It is possible that an advance payment for the costs of gas, water and electricity are included in the service costs. In that case, you will pay this amount on top of the basic rent. If the accommodation is rented out exclusively, you choose your own energy supplier. The costs depend on your living situation. Nibud gives you an insight into the expected costs. Compare the suppliers of gas, water and electricity for your accommodation here.

Internet and television
The costs for internet and television are not always included in the service costs. Is this the case for you? Then you choose the supplier for internet and television yourself. You can compare suppliers here. Ask yourself in advance what you think is important to take out. Perhaps only the Internet is sufficient? Nowadays you can often watch live television over the internet and by using a Chromecast you can play it on your television.

Municipal taxes
In addition to the basic rent and service costs, you will also have to pay municipal taxes. Please note: the landlord is no longer allowed to pass on the property tax (OZB) to the tenant. However, the landlord is allowed to pass on sewage charge, waste charges and water authority taxes. Discuss in advance with your landlord which municipal taxes are already included in the service costs and which you can still expect. You can request the amounts of the municipal taxes from the municipality. You will receive your (digital) tax assessment around the end of February.

When you have found accommodation, it is important to take out insurances, such as contents insurance and/or home insurance, but also liability insurance and legal expenses insurance. You can find more information under the question "I have accommodation, what do I need to arrange?".

I have found accommodation. Am I entitled to rent benefit?

Rent benefit is a contribution to the rental costs of your housing. To receive it, you must meet a number of requirements. Check here whether you are eligible for a rent benefit. It is sometimes also possible to apply for it in retrospect, so please check whether you were entitled to rent benefit last year.

I have found accommodation, but I don't have any furniture yet. Where can I go?

Of course, it is entirely up to you how you want to furnish your accommodation and what budget you want to spend on it. Online, you can find a lot for your interior, for example in the web shops of home furnishing shops. In Tilburg itself, there are also many places you can go. If you would like some new stuff, you could go to the home furnishing mall. Do you want to give things a new life? Then go to one of the second-hand shops or visit online Marktplaats or the facebook groups Marktplaats Tilburg en Omstreken and Gratis te halen in de gemeente Tilburg!.

Not sure how to arrange your accommodation? Draw up a floor plan on Floorplanner and you will find out what suits your accommation.

I have accommodation. How can I prevent burglary?

Burglars like to visit student houses. They can easily hang around there, because strangers are not easily noticed and valuables are often up for grabs. Burglars charge a maximum of 30 seconds (!) to get into your room. If it takes longer than that, they often give up. If you make it difficult to get in, you also reduce the chance of your valuables being stolen. The most important tips for preventing burglary are:

- Don't let strangers into your home just for the sake of it. First check if your housemate is present and knows the caller.
- Do not leave laptops, tablets, smartphones or other expensive items in plain sight.
- Install a track and trace programme on your laptop, tablet and smartphone. If you do become a victim, it makes it easier to trace property.
- Register valuable items with the Stopheling.nl app. This makes it easier to return items found after a burglary to their owner.
- Lock the entrance to your room if you cannot see it directly. Do the same if, for example, you go into your garden to have a beer.
- Always close all doors and windows when you leave, even if the weather is warm.
- Always make sure that the hinges and locks are in good working order. Also in student rooms.

I have accommodation, but there are problems with the accommodation/landlord/rent. Where can I go?

Have you found accommodation? Make sure you are well informed about your rights and obligations. It is important to know that everything is correct before you sign the tenancy agreement. In any case, check the following points:
- Is the room rented legally? Here you will find a list of all the houses that are registered with the municipality. Houses with 3 or more people living in rooms and which are not on this list, are wrongly used as a room to let property. The municipality must take enforcement action against illegal housing, which may mean that you cannot continue to live there.
- Are you not paying unjustified mediation costs? In general, mediation agencies are not allowed to charge the tenant any mediation costs if they act on the landlord's instructions.
- Isn't the rent too high? A landlord is not allowed to just ask any rent for a student room or rental property. You can check the maximum reasonable rent for living accommodation via the Rental Price Check of the Rental Committee  or Check your room from the National Union of Students.
- Are you renting an accommodation in Tilburg and are you experiencing problems with your property, landlord or rent? Huurteam Tilburg will work with you to find a suitable solution. Huurteam Tilburg is an advice centre for all questions relating to renting for all Tilburg residents.

You can also get free legal help and advice at the Rechtswinkel Tilburg. The Student Helpline of the National Union of Students can also help you with legal questions about rent.

Since my student days, I have more expenses to take into account. What can help me keep an overview?

When you are studying and especially when you are going to live on your own, you will have a lot of expenses. It is recommended to make an overview of your monthly income and expenses. An overview helps you to avoid running out of money. Nibud has drawn up a monthly budget for students which you can use to make an overview.

I am an international student. How do I prepare for my study period in Tilburg?

On the Tilburg Student App you will find useful information and tips for your stay in Tilburg, for instance about:
- Registering with the Tilburg Municipality
- Housing
- Healthcare providers and taking out healthcare insurance
- Activities and events
- Transport
- Side job

Student association I*ESN for international students will also help you prepare. They can help you if you have questions, but they also organise all kinds of activities. Become a member and get in touch with other students. Read more about it here:
The Dutch
Packing list

I am looking for a means of transport to travel through Tilburg. Where can I find more information?

Do you want to buy a bicycle, take driving lessons or travel to another city? Read more about travelling through and from Tilburg here.