Internship and graduation assignment

Internships and graduation assignments contribute to gaining relevant work experience. This is very valuable for your own development, but it also helps to find a job after graduation.

How to find an internship? 
(all tips are also applicable for finding a graduation assignment)
First of all, it is important that you are well informed about the possibilities and requirements of internships at your educational institution. It is also good to think about what kind of internship you are looking for. This way you can focus your search. You could also talk to teachers about what types of internships are available and what you can expect.

- Use your network and/or the network of your teacher. There are teachers who work in the field in addition to teaching.
- Some educational institutions have a list of organisations that have internships available. Such a list makes it easier to find a suitable traineeship, because these organisations have probably already worked with your educational institution before. They know what to expect from each other.
- Integrand offers internships from Dutch companies to multinationals
- Specifically for Tilburg University students: Career Portal. Here, Tilburg University students and organisations that (can) offer internships are brought together.
- There are several job websites that (also) offer internships:

Looking for an internship abroad?
- AIESEC offers internships and projects in 110 countries.
- You can apply for an Erasmus+ grant after graduation to do an internship in one of the programme countries.

Are you an international student?
You can also use the ways mentioned above to find an internship. Please note that permits are required in some situations. Interns with a passport from one of the EEA countries or Switzerland are free to work in the Netherlands. Interns with a different nationality will need a TWV or GVVA.

  • Internship shorter than three months? Then the employer will apply for a TWV from the UWV.
  • Will the internship last longer? Then the employer will apply to the IND for a GVVA.