Side job

Do I want a job on the side while studying? And how many hours do I want to work? These are questions that only you can answer for yourself. Besides money, there can be other reasons to get a job on the side.

- It is good for your curriculum vitae: the more experience, the better.
- You develop different competences than during your studies. For example, you learn how to present yourself well.
- You learn how things work in organisations: how do I deal with colleagues and customers?
- You get to know new people. Friendships may even be formed.
- No need to be bored anymore. More time in the holidays? Then you can work more hours

How do I find a side job?
Again, via-via usually works best. Above all, ask other students, friends and relatives if they know anything. What else can you do?

- Go to Vacancies on the Tilburg Student App.
- Register on job sites and with employment agencies in Tilburg and surroundings
- On the YoungCapital website you can also find side jobs in Tilburg.
- Do you want to be of added value in corona time? The GGD has more than enough work and offers students side jobs that are easy to combine with your studies.
- Do you study at Tilburg University? Then you can also use the Career Portal. The place where students and employers meet each other, also for a side job. UniPartners also offers well paid jobs to university students who want to develop themselves in consultancy.

Need help?
Take a look at After graduation. Jongerenpunt Midden-Brabant can also help you with:

- Finding a side job
- How to write a curriculum vitae and cover letter
- Practise applying for a side job

Are you an international student?
Then it is usually no problem to work in the Netherlands. Non-European students will need a 'Work is freely permitted' endorsement or a TWV (permit). The employer can apply for a TWV at the UWV. Bear in mind that in this case you may work a maximum of 16 hours per week or full time in the months of June, July and August. The international center can help with the search for a job. They facilitate in finding jobs where dutch is not spoken. They also help with arranging insurance. So that you can get started without any worries!