T.S.K.V. Spartacus

T.S.K.V. Spartacus is the student strength sport association in Tilburg. We are the association for everyone who is interested in fitness, bodybuildin...


IDEA Tilburg

IDEA is the association for students of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.


Student Council Tilburg

The Student Council Tilburg acts as an official advisory body of the Tilburg municipality. The objective of the Student Council Tilburg is to represen...

Warandelaan 2 , Tilburg


Front is committed to the interests of all students at Tilburg University.

Studentendesk Tilburg

Als vrijwilligers van het Rode Kruis organiseren wij activiteiten om Studenten en andere inwoners van Tilburg te helpen.

Centaurusweg 57, Tilburg


AEGEE-Tilburg is the international association in Tilburg for the travel-minded students.

Warandelaan 2 , Tilburg


T.S.H.V. SHOT is the student hockey association and the biggest student sports association in Tilburg!

Academielaan 5, Tilburg


Versot has been the study association of the sociology program at Tilburg University since 1989.

Warandelaan 2, Tilburg

I*ESN Tilburg

I*ESN is the international student association of Tilburg, founded in 1991.

Heuvelring 45 , Tilburg

Magister JFT

Magister JFT is the study association for Tilburg Law School students!

Universiteit van Tilburg , Tilburg

S.V. Totus

Student association Totus was founded on 6 January 1989. With a social club located under the Avans Hogeschool in Tilburg, we are open daily for membe...

Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 13, Tilburg


INPUT is the study association for the Dutch bachelor programme 'Personnel Science', the English bachelor programme 'Human Resource Studies: People Ma...

Warandelaan 2, Tilburg


POLIS is the study association for students of organisational sciences and global management of social issues.

Warandelaan 2, Tilburg

St. Olof

The T.S.C. St. Olof is the most active and oldest student association in Tilburg.

Spoorlaan 330-332, Tilburg


Asset is the study association for the TiSEM student. Our goal is to help and support students through academic support, career orientation and events...

Warandelaan 2, Tilburg

T.S.R. Cave ne Cadas

We are T.S.R. Cave ne Cadas, the student riding association of Tilburg.

Oude Lijn 7 , Tilburg


TilSAC (Tilburgse Studenten Alpen Club) is a group of Dutch and international students, passionate about climbing.

Academielaan 5 , Tilburg

T.S.R. Vidar

T.S.R. Vidar is the only student rowing club in Tilburg. We give you the place to develop yourself and have unforgettable experiences.

Beekse Bergen 4 , Hilvarenbeek

T.S.V.V. Gepidae

T.S.V.V. Gepidae is the student volleyball association of Tilburg. Founded on 3 May 1968, it is the second oldest sports association of the Sports Cou...

Academielaan 5 , Tilburg

T.S.V. Plato

T.S.V. Plato was founded on 17 November 1987. In the 33 years that Plato exists, it has grown into the largest student association in the south of the...

Schouwburgring 200, Tilburg