Educational institutions

Studying in Tilburg? In this city, you can choose from many study programmes at different levels. Moreover, it is a real student city and offers everything to make your student time an unforgettable one! Would you like to meet other students? Then it is certainly advisable to join one of the many study and student (sports) associations in Tilburg.

Educational institutions in Tilburg
De Rooi Pannen, Regionaal Opleidingen Centrum (ROC) Tilburg and Helicon MBO Tilburg provide post-secondary vocational education (mbo) in Tilburg. At the ROC, you can also follow adult education and social orientation classes. Click on the links and find out more about the programmes in Tilburg.

Fontys and Avans universities of applied sciences offer higher education and research in Tilburg.

At Tilburg University (TiU), you have a wide choice of programmes in academic education.

No idea and you have to make a choice?
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