Health insurance

Health insurance is insurance against medical expenses. You can think of costs for a visit to the GP or hospital, but also for medication.

A basic health insurance is compulsory for everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands. This means that you are insured for healthcare from the basic package. The government determines what is in the basic package. Besides the basic health insurance, you can also take out supplementary health insurance. By taking out this insurance, you can choose which medical costs you want reimbursed that the basic health insurance does not cover. Check here which health insurance is the best for you. The Health Insurance Line can also advise you and assist you in taking out health insurance. Do you want to change your insurance or switch to another insurance? Please note that this is only possible in the last six weeks of the year.

Are you going to study in Tilburg and do you come from abroad?
It is important to arrange your health insurance before you arrive. You are probably already insured for healthcare. It is important to check whether your insurance covers medical expenses in the Netherlands and which costs are reimbursed. Sometimes you have to take out insurance in the Netherlands, even if you think you are insured. How you should be insured depends on where you come from and what you do in addition to your studies. For example, you are obliged to take out Dutch health insurance if you have a job in addition to your studies. Check here whether you are insured properly. Do you need help? Please contact the Health Insurance Line.