Other healthcare providers

In addition to the GP, there are other healthcare providers you can go to with care questions. In some cases, a referral from the GP is required.

Examples of other healthcare providers are:
Dentist (referral: no)
Psychologist (referral: yes)
Physiotherapist (referral: sometimes)

A number of healthcare providers have been highlighted above, but there are more. Click here for an overview. Your GP can help you determine which healthcare provider is best suited to your care needs. On ZorgkaartNederland you will find an overview of healthcare providers per service in Tilburg. It can help you choose which psychologist or physiotherapist to go for. Other people's experiences with the care are also shared.

Be careful when looking for information about health and illness on the Internet. Not all information is reliable. GPinfo can help you if you:
- want to stay healthy;
- want to know what to do if you have complaints;
- want to know how to deal with complaints;
- want to know who can help you;
- want to know whether you should go to a healthcare provider or not;
- want to prepare yourself for a consultation with your healthcare provider;
- to reread the explanations and advice given by your healthcare provider.

Be aware that care is not always (fully) reimbursed. It may also affect your policy excess. It is recommended to talk to your health insurer in advance. They can help to give an insight into the expected costs, but they can also tell you which healthcare providers have a contract with them.