GP and first aid

Have you just moved to or within Tilburg? Then it is important to look for a GP in the neighbourhood. The GP is your first contact when you have a physical or mental complaint. With the GP you can discuss your care needs, you can be treated or referred to other healthcare providers.

You can choose your own GP. Here you will find a list of GPs in Tilburg. It may help to talk to your health insurer in advance. They may be able to tell you which GPs in Tilburg are covered by a contract. ZorgkaartNederland can also help you to make a choice. Here others share their experiences with the care. On the website of the practice you will usually find information on how to register, and otherwise you can always call or email the practice.

Be careful when looking for information about health and illness on the Internet. Not all information is reliable. GPinfo can help you if you:
- want to stay healthy;
- want to know what to do if you have complaints;
- want to know how to deal with complaints;
- want to know who can help you;
- want to know whether you should go to a healthcare provider or not;
- want to prepare yourself for a consultation with your healthcare provider;
- to reread the explanations and advice given by your healthcare provider.

Do you want to contact the GP outside office hours or in case of an emergency? Then it is better to call the GP Centre immediately. If every second counts, call the emergency number 112.

Are you an international student?

As an international student, it may be more difficult to find a GP in Tilburg. A number of GPs have indicated that they are happy to receive international students. Do you have questions or do you want to make an appointment? Please send a message to the e-mail address of one of these practices:

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