Q&A corona

I have questions about the corona measures. Who can I contact?

Make sure you are well informed about the measures. Below, you can read about the national and local measures in Tilburg and surrounding areas.
- National measures
- Local measures

Are the measures unclear or do you not speak Dutch? Steffie explains it in a simple way. In different languages and for different situations. She answers questions such as: What symptoms can you expect if you get the virus? How can you ensure that you and others do not become ill? What are the measures if you want to play sports, alone or with others? And how many people are you allowed to meet outside?

Do you still have questions about the measures?
Between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., you can call the public information number 0800-1351.

I want to organise an event. How do I do that in corona time?

Events are not allowed, in the future hopefully they will be again. Read here how we organise events in Tilburg and what you need to do.

Besides the usual documents such as a situation plan, floor plans and a safety plan, you now also have to add a COVID-19 plan to your notification or application. In this plan, you explain which measures you are going to take. The Emergency Regulations of the Midden-Brabant Safety Region and COVID-19 hygiene measures state the requirements your activity or event must meet to be coronaproof.

If you would like to discuss your plans in advance, please contact one of these account managers of the Municipality of Tilburg:
- Jet van Laar Inner city, Spoorzone, Het Laar
- Wim Caron Other locations

I feel lonely and I want to do something about it. What can I do?

Platform Lonely Youth
Do you feel alone a lot? You are not the only one. Many young people feel alone, day in, day out. There is a lot of information on the platform Lonely Youth. We list all the organisations that can help you break through your loneliness. You can also read and see stories of experience. Or do the self-test: lonely feelings are not always a problem you have to deal with. It also tells you when it is wise to take steps. There is also a forum where you can leave a question or message and a chat function where you can talk to volunteers who also have experience with loneliness.

Facebook group Brabant Maatjes
Do you feel extra lonely during this crisis? Would you like to make contact with young people? Do not hesitate and become a member of the private Facebook group Brabant Maatjes. This group is for young people between 16 and 35 years old who live in Tilburg. In this group we have contact from a distance for the time being. When the crisis is over, fun things will be possible again. For example, an evening drink in the city or a day trip to the Efteling.

I am not feeling well. Where can I go?

Child helpline | Alles Oké? Support line
Are you not comfortable? Do you have problems at work, study or school? Things are not going well at home? Are you worried about the future? Is something bothering you that you really need to get rid of? Or do you have no idea why, but you just don't feel right? Everything is open for discussion. No subject is crazy or weird and no problem too small or too big. The Child helpline offers a listening ear every day between 11.00 and 21.00 for everyone up to 18 years of age. Anyone aged between 18 and 24 can call the Alles Oké? Support line between 14.00 and 22.00 hours. You can call or chat with both.

Evie | Online Self-Help Training
Do you sleep badly and do you worry a lot? Do you feel uncomfortable and do you find it difficult to relax? Sign up for Evie | Online Self-Help Training and get to work on your complaints. Evie is the e-health platform for online self-help trainings. Everyone in the municipality of Tilburg and Goirle can make use of it.

Where can I go for other help during the corona crisis?

Locally and regionally, there are all kinds of initiatives where residents can go for help during the corona crisis. You will find the most up-to-date overview on T-Helpt. It also includes all kinds of initiatives for students.

R-Newt for youth
Are you between 10 and 27 years of age? Does something bother you, do you have a difficult question or do you not know how to deal with something? R-Newt is ready for you. You can send an app to 06-30124098 or e-mail them. Do not hesitate and contact them if you have a problem. More information about R-Newt? Take a look at the website or check one of the social media channels.

R-Newt can help you with everything. Some examples:
- A listening ear if you are not feeling well (which is not strange)
- If you have trouble doing your homework
- If you have money problems
- If you need help with your tax return or filling in forms
- If you have questions about sexuality, corona, friends, your future, etc.
- If there are many tensions at home
- If you are bored (we have a lot of fun activities for you online)
- If you want to exercise more

I do not speak Dutch and I need help or a listening ear. Where can I go?

The Rode Kruis Helpline is available for people who do not speak Dutch. Need a listening ear, advice or extra help during the corona crisis? For example, because you are in quarantine or home isolation? Then you can go to special WhatsApp numbers for different languages. The helpline is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Send a message or leave a message at these WhatsApp numbers:
Arabic| 06-48158055
Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)| 06-48158057
Polish| 06-48158064
Portuguese| 06-48158083
Tamazight | 06-48158055
Turkish | 06-48158053

I am bored. What can I do?

Activities Tilburg Student App
Unfortunately, not much is possible right now. The activities that are possible at the moment are listed in the agenda. Here you will also find the student routes. By walking these routes, you will get to know the city of Tilburg better. Besides, you can get inspiration for activities.

In Tilburg, a team of community sports workers is active, organising fun and sporting activities in various neighbourhoods. From football to basketball and from BMX to street dance. Neighbourhood sports workers let young people get acquainted with different sports.The programmes ensure that young people themselves are actively involved in what is on offer.  Besides sports, you can also help organise activities. Would you like to join an activity in your neighbourhood? Follow Buurtsport on Facebook and send them a message. Here you can find an overview with all employees from the different districts of Tilburg.

Brabant leert
Brabant Leert makes lifelong learning accessible to the people of Brabant. You are given tools to take charge yourself. Think of (free) online courses and (free) career advice. You can also receive personal guidance, even if you do not know exactly what you want or if you have doubts about your future.

I am a board member of an association and we want to organise physical activities. Are there examples of activities that are allowed under the corona measures?

Walking Buddy
At Walking Buddy students can register via Google forms to be matched with a buddy with whom they can take a walk. Tell us about yourself and indicate which 'walking buddy' you prefer. Think of gender, study and location. Walking Buddy informs you via WhatsApp with whom you are matched. You get the details of this person. So far, Walking Buddy has been a great success because of its low threshold and because students like to do something physical. This activity is organised by I*ESN.

I*ESN Eats
Normally I*ESN holds a cooking evening once a couple of months, called Cooking with Culture. Every month a different cuisine will be presented. Together with the cooking committee, an international student cooks a three-course menu. Due to the measures this is not allowed now, so I*ESN Eats was set up. The cooking committee cooks a meal that can be heated at home. Through Google forms, people register and can also tick the option to be matched with a dinner buddy. The meals are delivered to the participants' homes by I*ESN. They can then eat them by themselves or with a dinner buddy. This activity is organised by I*ESN.

Hiking trips/routes
Exercising outside in a team context is the ideal solution for staying in touch with fellow students. To stimulate and facilitate this, WhatsApp groups have been created in which Vidraten agree to go walking, running or cycling together. We have also created and published routes on Strava that students can easily download and follow. In this way, we can still provide a bit of mutual competition and performance can be compared. Of course, this is also very handy if students want to get fit for the first edition of the Tilburg Triathlon! This activity is organised by Vidar.

I have questions about study delays. Can someone help me?

Do you have questions about study delay? Then contact the student counsellor. In exceptional situations, your dean or student counsellor can apply for a facility (performance) grant. Read more about this facility here.

I am looking for a side job. Who can help me?

Are you looking for a job and can you use some help? Contact Jongerenpunt Midden-Brabant. They will help you with:
- Find out what you are entitled to
- Finding another job
- Writing a curriculum vitae and cover letter
- Practice applying for a job
- Arranging temporary income

Do you want to be of added value in corona time? The GGD has plenty of work and offers students jobs that can be combined with their studies. For example, you can use your administrative knowledge as a customer service employee or your communicative skills as an employee of the corona vaccination line. You can also become an employee in the corona test line or a source & contact researcher. Are you interested? Then take a look at the GGD Hart voor Brabant.

Employment agencies
At side job you will find different temporary employment agencies where you can go. They can help you find a new job, even in corona time. Good luck!

I want to help in corona time. What can I do?

Serve the city
Many students want to do something for others, but simply do not know how to start. Student association Serve the city Tilburg wants to give students the opportunity to do voluntary work. You can, for example, become involved with residents who could really use some help at the moment. Just calling for a chat or doing some shopping can make a big difference in coronation time. You can also dedicate yourself to a more sustainable and greener Tilburg. Are you interested? Please contact Serve the city. Send them a message on social media or send an email.

Everyone has the potential to mean something to others. NLvoorelkaar helps you to turn potential into action. The platform connects supply and demand and allows you to easily get in touch with someone in your neighbourhood who could use your help.