The whole world is affected by corona.You may certainly feel bad about all the unpleasant consequences.  Research shows that 69% of young people feel lonelier than before the crisis. You probably have much less contact than usual. Going out or visiting festivals is a thing of the past and even some side jobs are disappearing. These four corona tips will help you to be positive.

Stay in touch
Connect with someone every day. This can be via WhatsApp, a phone call or by playing online games together. Everyone likes to chat, take a walk or do something else fun.

Exercise is healthy
Exercise keeps your body fit and clears your head. Negative thoughts and gloomy feelings get much less chance if you walk, kick a ball or cycle every day.

Think positive
Not a day goes by without corona news. If you want to, you can keep yourself busy for 24 hours a day. Would that make you happier? You really don't need to know everything. The most important measures can be found on the RIVM site. And remember: these are temporary measures.

Daily rhythm
It is tempting to stay in bed because there is nothing on the agenda. Don't do that, it usually doesn't make you feel better. Get up on time, go out, study and do fun things at home.