Do you have symptoms that fit with corona, such as a cold, tightness of the chest or a fever? Stay at home and get tested. Via Coronatest you can make an appointment online for a test at a GGD test centre in your area. You can also call 0800-1202. You don't have to pay for a test. Do you have a high fever, are you short of breath or are you feeling increasingly ill? Or do you come from a risk group? Then call your GP, the doctor treating you or the GP centre.

There are also self-tests. These are intended for people without complaints and to supplement the measures.

The app CoronaMelder alerts you if you have been close to someone with corona for at least 15 minutes. You only get the notification if that person also uses the app.

On the RIVM website you will find frequently asked questions about COVID-19. You will find answers to questions such as:

- Is it worth getting tested if you have no symptoms?
- When are you a close contact for someone with corona, and should you therefore be quarantined?
- How do you find out that you were in close contact with someone who has corona?
- When are you contagious with corona?