You can do less than in a normal situationThat does not mean that you cannot do anything. The activities that are possible are listed in the agenda. The Q&A also contains ideas for physical activities that an association may organise despite the measures. Below you will also find some ideas:

- Study at a different place, for example in the LocHal
- Become a volunteer and help people who need support
- Exercise is good and reduces stress, so walk a student route or look at the street art in the city. This way you will get to know the city much more better
- You can also play sports at Buurtsport or help organise a sports activity
- Visit one of the parks and gardens in Tilburg
- Visit a museum or a theatre online:

- Take a (free) online cursus
- Play an online escaperoom
- Experience nature and watch live in bird houses or press the fish doorbell